Athletes Foot

Athletes’ foot, or Tinia Pedis to give it its formal name, is a highly contagious fungal condition affecting the feet.
Typically it sits between the toes where the climate is warm, moist and dark which are the ideal conditions for fungal spores to thrive.
It usually starts between the 4th and 5th toes and the initial symptoms will be an itching sensation which, when scratched, may cause soft skin may come away leaving raw skin underneath which can be unpleasantly sore for a while. The condition can then spread to the other spaces between the toes of both feet and may spread around the borders of the feet, called a ‘moccasin effect’ and the soles of the feet as well.

Treatment is quite simple – ensure the feet are thoroughly dried after washing, use an athletes’ foot remedy such as Lamisil or Daktarin for several days (continuing for about 10 days after symptoms appear to have cleared). They usually come either as a spray or a cream.
If using a spray such as Daktarin, use it in the socks and shoes as well, and change your socks regularly and try and keep the feet cool if possible.
If it is itchy and you scratch at it, wash your hands thoroughly immediately afterwards, as the spores can live quite happily on other parts of the body as well!!!
Unfortunately, even after it has cleared up, the condition can reoccur but if treated swiftly when the itching is next felt, it can be quickly cleared up.

My preferred treatment is Daktarin spray which I keep a stock of, and can supply it to you for £6.50.