Ow!!! They start off as a irritant, become uncomfortable and very often you wake up one morning and find it’s incredibly painful!
What is it? Its a little bit like a callus, but much more focused on a small area, the result of direct pressure on the skin.
The corn forms as skin builds up and goes hard, but it forms in the shape of an inverted cone, with the point on the inside so any pressure on the wide bit at the skin surface is translated into a very small area inside which is why it feels like there’s a stone in the shoe.
We do not recommend using corn plasters! They contain the same acid that we use to burn out a verruca so, yes, they work in softening the corn, but the trouble is that they also go to work on the healthy skin around it and can cause a different problem.
The most effective way is to see a podiatrist who will remove it with a blade. There is a very strong chance that it will come back if the cause of the original problem isn’t removed, but once it’s out the feeling of relief from pain is fantastic, and walking normally is pleasant again!